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Le Limousin

Limousin, perfect conditions for our 600 hectares of apple orchards

The soil, the altitude range of 350 to 450 metres, the temperatures that often edge close to freezing in spring and the temperature difference between night and day all encourage reddening in the skin of the fruit and favour high-quality yields.

La Golden d'altitude

The high-altitude Golden Delicious.

Sensory qualities brought to perfection by Limousin soil conditions.

Particularly well-suited to the land from which it springs, the high-altitude Golden Delicious offers the perfect balance between sourness and sweetness, making it an ideal dessert apple as well as a delicious cooking ingredient for both savoury and sweet dishes which keeps its shape very well.

On 17 June 2004, the AOC Pomme
de Limousin status, which became AOP in 2009,
gave official recognition to this unique local flavour.

Perlim - Haute Culture BIO

"The organic Haute Culture":
a fast-growing organic range designed
for high volumes.

With its new apple variety, OPAL® Organic, Perlim is innovating in order to offer its clients and the end consumer organic production that can meet their needs in terms of volume, packaging and quality.

A cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz, a Czech variety, this medium-sized yellow apple with a rustic appearance is crunchy and juicy with a strong flavour. Like the high-altitude Golden Delicious, it reveals its full potential when cultivated on the high Limousin plains.

Resistant to apple scab, the main disease affecting apples, it is produced using organic agricultural techniques.

Perlim - Un outil industriel de pointe

Cutting-edge industrial facilities

Perlim has two independent storage and packing centres 2 km apart in Corrèze, 15 km to the west
of Brive-la-Gaillarde, in St-Aulaire and St-Laurent.

Both sites incorporate electronic and video sorting and together they total 62,000 tonnes
of ULO storage.

La souplesse industrielle des pommes

Industrial flexibility for a "handmade" service

Our industrial facilities, combining multiple sorting criteria (over a hundred) and different types of packaging (trays, bushels, crates, packets, bags etc.) enable total flexibility of production on behalf of our customers' fruit aisles and our brands:
    - Perlim for the 1/extra category

    - Margote for 1b

    - Atilde for category 2

and our customers' own brands.

Le jus de pomme OPAL PERLIM
Jus de pomme opal bio perlim

Le Jus de pomme opal bio Perlim : le goût de la nouvelle rusticité.

Soucieux pour ses producteurs de valoriser l’intégralité de leur production de pommes Opal Bio, Perlim a mis en bouteille toute la puissance aromatique et le subtil équilibre sucré/acidulé de cette petite pomme jaune, d’aspect très rustique, particulièrement bien adaptée à l’altitude des plateaux limousins. Un 100% pur jus très aromatique et sans sucre ajouté, dont les amateurs apprécieront le “vrai goût“. utilise des cookies sur son site internet. Avec votre consentement, nous les utiliserons pour mesurer et analyser l'utilisation du site.

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