Evelina® by Perlim 


Perlim has signed an exclusive deal for the production and distribution of the Club Evelina® apple in France. The apple will come to market for the first time in October 2014 in a limited harvest: only 30 hectares were planted in 2013 (target: 150 hectares in ten years, with potential yield of 7500 t).

Perlim aims to diversify its range, and will now be able to offer this new variety, also known as "red golden", in addition to the traditional Golden Delicious. Its main strength, like the Golden Delicious, is its crunchy flavour when grown at high altitudes.


The partnership will take the form of a co-branding arrangement, "Evelina® by Perlim". The new variety will thus benefit from Perlim's expertise and reputation in the French market.


Perlim is joining a very exclusive circle of Evelina® partners (including Melinda in Italy) and will concentrate on achieving AOP and Club status.


Discover the interview of Nicolas Lambert, technical director of Perlim.