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Perlim in brief and in figures

Perlim is building on 50 years of arboricultural expertise in Périgord and Limousin and emerging as the leader in the production and marketing of AOP Limousin apples and Périgord walnuts.

Perlim - notre histoire

Our history

At the end of the 1960s, a handful of fruit growers and traders founded the Perlim group, named after the regions of Périgord and Limousin.

Located in Corrèze, their vocation was to produce, store and market apples and walnuts grown exclusively in their respective territories. Their determination led to improvements in both the quantities produced and the quality achieved, resulting in PDO status for Limousin apples and Périgord walnuts, the pride of their regions and a fitting reward for their efforts.

Qualité et innovation Perlim

Quality and innovation

For both apples and walnuts, the Perlim quality approach has always involved strict control over production, from orchard to final shipment, to ensure a reliable, high-quality product.

Over 7 million euros have been invested in the orchards and packing centres since 2010, in combination with a laboratory quality control policy, with the aim of ensuring technical mastery so that the fruits can express their outstanding flavour in full.

Perlim's quality is also based on its cutting-edge industrial facilities, whose total flexibility and high-precision electronic sorting enable it to offer a wide variety of packaging formats.

Nevertheless, the finishing touches remain manual and rely on human "handmade" expertise, adding value to the basic product to optimise the attractiveness of your fruit displays.

Several quality labels and distinctions certify the results of our efforts.

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Technique et laboratoire Perlim

Perlim's technical and quality departments

Perlim apples

Producers are monitored by a team consisting of an orchard technical director, two agronomy engineers and a quality controller.

Perlim walnuts

Two agronomy technicians monitor nut production.

Apple and walnut centres
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