Le Périgord Varieties Organic Haute Culture Service of a high-quality, attractive range in stores. A very wide range of products
La noix du Perigord

ancient home of the walnut

Well-drained clay-limestone soils with enough depth, exposure to frost, sheltered in valleys or on hillsides below 500 metres of altitude, a climate with an average annual temperature of over 10.5°C and average annual rainfall of more than 750 mm – these are the major characteristics of Périgord's walnut-growing areas, and they are ideal for optimum-quality nuts.

Perlim's 550 producers grow 3,800 tonnes of walnuts annually, 400 of them organic, in 2,400 hectares of orchards in Dordogne, Lot and Corrèze.

Des variétés de noix qualitatives

High-quality authentic varieties

Guaranteeing their origin and quality, Perlim markets three varieties of dried walnuts, Marbot, Franquette and Corne, and three varieties of shelled nuts, Franquette, Corne and Grandjean. 60% of the tonnage is covered by the AOP status for Périgord walnuts. Perlim's production represents almost a third of the tonnage of the AOP's geographical area.

La haute culture Bio en version noix

The "organic Haute Culture" for walnuts

In December 2009, Perlim was awarded the certificate of conformity that allows it to market walnuts and shelled nuts that meet organic standards.

Fifty member producers are committed to following the principles of this method of production. After a three-year transitional period, the 2018 harvest crowned their efforts with a yield of 400 tonnes.

Méthodes de récolte Perlim

Harvesting methods and industrial facilities in service of a high-quality, attractive range in stores.

Perlim has strongly encouraged its producers to invest in washing and drying equipment so that the cooperative can deliver a natural but clean product meeting the needs of customers and the end consumer. 
Producers have also invested in automatic harvesting equipment to avoid leaving nuts on the ground.

Perlim has invested in its processing centres to bring its daily production capacity up to 100 tonnes.
An electronic grader that automatically selects sizes, weights
and colours over several lines and eliminates hollow
and broken nuts, together with an ultra-modern bagging
machine, have been added to the production facilities.

Large gamme de noix Large gamme de noix Large gamme de noix

A very wide range of "well-finished" products

Perlim adapts to consumers' desires and the needs of its distributor customers by offering a variety of packing and packaging solutions and weights for both traditional and organic production, with one constant: an impeccable finish in both visual and flavour terms, with better uniformity of walnut colour and the elimination of defective nuts.

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