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A family business
A traditional of excellence

In the 1950, Guy Chauffaille introduced the Golden Delicious apple and modern tree growing techniques to the Limousin region of France. His guiding principle was that of innovative fruit tree excellence.

These efforts have been rewarded by France only PDO for an apple, the “Pomme du Limousin”.

This tradition of excellence has been faithfully handed down to the next two generations, which are now at the helm of PERLIM. They have three main principles: diversification of species to suit the local territory and our flavour culture, a technical vision inspired by modern agroecological methods, and customised “handmade” service for the most demanding retailers and wholesalers.

Top: Louise and Yves Chauffaille.
Bottom: Guy Chauffaille, founder of Perlim.

Our production areas: Haute-Vienne, Corrèze and Dordogne


Louise Chauffaille, Yves Chauffaille - Maison Perlim
Guy chauffaille - Maison Perlim
Carte production - Maison Perlim
tonnes from 800 hectares
(50% of production in Limousin)
full-time equivalent
orchard renewal rate

of volumes made up by the high-altitude Golden Delicious

Species diversification for taste,
inspired by our high-altitude areas.

The high-altitude Golden Delicious is the original PERLIM variety. However, with the five other varieties now cultivated in our orchards, our diversification efforts have become a well-thought out and tangible reality. All our varieties are carefully selected for maximum flavour and taste enjoyment and to suit our high-altitude areas.

Flexibility, adaptability, customisation and “handmade”
service quality to promote attractiveness in the stores.

Flexibility, adaptability, customisation and “handmade” service quality to promote attractiveness in the stores.

Our industrial capacity is designed for over a hundred sorting criteria.

Combined with our range of packing solutions (boxes, bushels, crates, trays, bags, etc.), it offers huge flexibility for our customers and a multiple customisation options.

At the end of the line, for direct, manual packing, the PERLIM teams are careful to provide impeccable “handmade” service, the signature of our company, to promote the appeal of our produce on your shelves, thus boosting your sales.

Perlim® innovates using all aspects of contemporary agroecological principles.

PERLIM: sustainable and responsible agriculture and continuous improvement efforts driven by a culture of responsibility and integrity. We want to produce local fruit, that is both tasty and attractive, using innovative agroecological methods that respect everyone and everything.

We use mechanical weeding methods for all our production areas. 100% of our farmers are committed to preserving biodiversity and protecting pollinators (plantation of melliferous hedges, sowing of melliferous flowers on fallow land, installation of nesting boxes, creation of ecological corridors, etc.).

At present, 10% of our land is organically cultivated or in the process of converting to organic methods, and 100% of our orchards have signed the "Charter for better integration of Pomme du Limousin production".


Logo Vergers ecoresponsables
Quality charter for French apple growers The Alliance has adopted the "Eco-responsible orchards" approach for 100% of its orchards. This label guarantees apples produced according to environmentally-friendly methods that preserve biodiversity.
Logo AOP - Appélation Origine Protégée
Protected Designation of Origin

PDO (protected designation of origin) Pomme du Limousin since 2009 for the Golden Delicious.
Logo HVE - La Haute Valeur Environnementale
High Environmental Value is the highest level of environmental certification in agriculture. The Alliance is a certification pioneer for all its orchards.
Logo Bee Friendly
I protect bees

Label for agricultural operations that protect bees and pollinators.
Logo Agriculture Biologique
Organic Agriculture

The French AB label is based on the non-use of synthetic chemical substances.
Logo Global G.A.P.
The Global Gap norm certifies good agricultural practices. 100% of orchards are certified.
Logo BRC Food Certificated
All our sites have been certified since 2009, guaranteeing the quality and food safety of our products.

A flexible, reactive sales team.
A dedicated contact for each market.

Geneviève MICHON
Geneviève MICHONSales Directorgenevieve@perlim.com
+ 33 555 25 29 34
+ 33 607 70 37 52
Stéphanie PÉCHEUX
Stéphanie PÉCHEUXFrance/Belgium/Netherlandsstephanie@meylim.fr
+33 553 62 21 43
+33 660 50 69 30
Alicia PINAUDSpain/Francealicia@perlim.com
+33 555 25 22 22
+33 785 70 28 32
Augusto QUEIROZSpain/Portugal/Franceaugusto@perlim.com
+33 555 25 29 36
+33 673 39 14 83
Jonathan RHODES
Jonathan RHODESCo-Director
+33 555 25 29 60
+33 608 28 74 84
Virginie VIREVIALLEGB/Irelandvirginie@perlim.com
+33 519 98 06 00
+33 785 70 32 20
Louise CHAUFFAILLEDirector of Operationslouise@perlim.com
+33 626 68 43 83
+33 555 25 29 30
équipe commerciale Perlim

For any questions not related to sales: info@perlim.com
or call +33 555 25 29 30

PERLIM is a member of the PERLIM MEYLIM Alliance.
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